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My first husband, Capt. Jerry Zimmer, was an F4B Phantom jet pilot, whose aircraft was shot down on August 29, 1969, approximately 20 miles South of Da Nang, Vietnam, after six months in country. Neither Jerry nor his navigator, 1st Lt. Al Graf, was able to eject, before the aircraft crashed into the Que Son Mountains. Initially Jerry and Al were classified as Killed in Action/No Body Recovered (KIA/NBR). Years later, both Marines were listed as MIA, along with other service members whose bodies were never recovered.

Jerry has been gone nearly a half century, and hope for recovering his remains had run out a long time ago.  However, in recent years our family became involved with the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC), now merged with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA), and learned that Jerry’s and Al’s remains might, in fact, be recoverable, so we are doing everything possible to support their efforts to make this happen and bring our guys home where they belong.


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2016 Brown University Vietnam War Forum

Friday, August 26, 2016 @ 04:08 PM  posted by Elaine Zimmer Davis
Brown University Forum Participants: Elaine Zimmer Davis, David Taylor, Barry Kowalski

May 27, 2016: Brown University Alumni Reunion Forum:  The Vietnam War.  
Photo L-R: Elaine Zimmer Davis, David Taylor, ’66, & Barry Kowalski,’66. Special thanks  to David and Prof Beth Taylor (no relation) for turning a dream into reality; Jennifer Betts for her incredible archival prowess; and other Brown vets who shared their stories, made us proud and together we kept a full house at attention.  I was honored to be included.  — EZD

This video includes presentations by several Brown veterans,  not only David and Barry.   It is interesting to hear each speak of their personal wartime experiences.

DSC_3216 (Medium)

2016 Brown University Forum - Barry Vietnam War Combat Boots (Medium)

Barry’s combat boots

DSC_3172 (Medium)

 Jerry’s flight jacket & hat

                                            DSC_3204 - Copy (Medium)

              Elaine Zimmer Davis and David Taylor (Medium) DSC_3305 (Medium)  Jerry’s and my Brown friends — great seeing them again.

4 Responses to “2016 Brown University Vietnam War Forum”

  1. Mike Huttetr says:

    brown has seen the light!! I have no doubt that your presence was a major factor in the decision. I can now resume my giving to Brown.


  2. So good to hear from you, Mike; thanks for keeping me up on the “full” return of ROTC to Brown University – you have been so supportive of everything associated with Jerry, and it’s truly heartwarming. I believe that you and other alumni – veterans and non-veterans – were key elements in ROTCs return. After nearly a half century, the first class of Navy Midshipmen and Air Force Cadets are now academically, socially and structurally on the same level as others at Brown. “…I could not be prouder of the strengthening ties between Brown University and the Armed Forces,” said Brown President Christina Paxson, in the Providence Journal article link in your comment. Paxson took the bold step to make this happen. She is a star in my books, as are you and other alumni who supported Paxson’s decision.

  3. Glenn Hoover says:

    What a wonderful presentation and congratulations to Brown. I believe Cornell is the only Ivy that maintained programs of ROTC and still has Army, Navy and Air Force represented. They may have had no choice being originally a Land Grant school. Unfortunately thier graduating classes number in the the single digits. Very encouraging to see the great reception and wonderful forum.

  4. Glenn,
    Thank you for the positive comments — I am not a great public speaker, but Jerry’s case has become a major part of my life over the past decade. Although it has been sad in many ways, I have had tremendous opportunities to be involved with people like you and Clarice. I’m so proud of your innocentsoulsvietnam.com project. Just shows what bright, motivated people can do. Hugs, Elaine

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